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The Yellow Pages directory is a user-friendly tool. The value and reliability of its information is made to simplify your life and make your information search easier More than 450,000 copies are distributed for free through Ogero post offices in Lebanon and 100,000 copies are delivered by post in Jordan. 2 versions for each country are published in Full colors: Arabic and English The Yellow Pages directory is the most cost-effective medium with a proven high return on Investment.
Yellow Pages Tourism & Medical is a practical pocket guide encompassing comprehensive tourism activities and information. It also includes a host of useful features such as local attraction, a unique map, cultural and historical sites, entertainment information and more. Aiming the promotion of Lebanon's and Jordan's Medical Tourism, this double-sided guide was conceived to double the exposure of these 2 sectors. 55.000 copies are distributed for free through hotels, car rental agencies, travel and tourism agencies and many others tourist targeted channels.
DiTO developed its own Search Engine by using the most up-to-date search algorithms. This exceptional Search Engine, in constant evolution, is currently serving both Lebanese and Jordanian search requests.

Yellowpages.com.lb is a bilingual information hub providing Yellow Pages and White Pages directory (to be launched soon) listings via one easy-to-search engine.

Launched in 1999, the online directory includes the entire Yellow Pages' and White Pages' databases - searchable by single or multiple categories.

Yellowpages.com.jo is a high-demand website recognized as one of the most viewed Jordanian information Internet sources. This dynamic website allows local businesses to stand out from competitors, giving priority-listing businesses a powerful advantage in search results.

“Yello” is a virtual contact center founded by “Yellow Pages”, the leading phone directory in Lebanon.

Building on its accurate and reliable database which was compiled throughout long years of operation in the Lebanese market, “Yellow Pages” has decided to take its customers’ experience to a new level by giving them access to an easy 4-digit number – 1366 – that will allow them to connect with qualified, well-trained and resourceful operators to inquire about any listed phone number.

Established in partnership with E2M, the leading instigator of Virtual Contact Centers in the MENA region, “Yello” is a real innovation that is meant to optimize any assistance given to customers, whether by providing precise numbers or offering helpful alternatives and information.

Thanks to our newly developed Search Engine, our operators can provide you with any requested number based not only on the name of the party you’re looking for, but also on its activity, brand, location, or specialization. Furthermore, our operators will send you an SMS to your mobile with the number requested so you can keep a record of it.

At “Yello”, we believe in making your life easier. That’s why our customer-focused strategy essentially stemmed from our commitment to 4 core values, namely:

  • Efficiency

    We offer you exhaustive and verifiable contact numbers in no time, not to make you wait.

  • Growth

    We constantly refresh our database by adding new entries and seek to expand our activities to new markets.

  • Innovation

    We continuously invest in research and development to create smart solutions, noting that “Yello” will soon be upgraded to include even more functional features to better serve you.

  • Going the Extra Mile

    We spare no efforts in assisting you in all ways possible, whether by carefully listening to your inquiries and answering them, or by mobilizing our resources to provide you with the best available alternative.

YMS stands for Yellow Multimedia Services that were created with the cooperation of our partners PJMS France. The system was launched to anticipate the market needs in creating websites with the most competitive and affordable prices, integrated with the latest web technology thus including Search Engine Optimization inside its structure.

Having an effective website will give your company an identity and will connect your business to the world, it will promote your services and products and will offer a better customer care  services, which will eventually maximize your profit and thus expand and grow your business. Yellow Pages is constantly looking on delivering the best services needed to help its clients prospering in their fields!